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My Bestselling Study Guides

Be Ready Phoenix Course 101: Introduction to Becoming Bankable

This course will share some of the key elements needed to help maximize your chance of getting to a “YES” when requesting a business loan. We will cover needed documentation, including collateral, business plans, proper financial data, and many of the red flags that can put you in the high risk category.

Be Ready Phoenix Course 102: The 18 Red Flags

This course will explain what keeps your business from being bankable.

Be Ready Phoenix Course 201: Learn the Basics of Google Ads

This course will show you the basics of creating and publishing google ads for your business.

Be Ready Phoenix Course 103:
Becoming Bankable: Entity Formation

This course will review the many entity formations which are available. Each entity has its own setup of rules, risks and advantages.

Be Ready Phoenix Course 202: Establish an Online Presence

This course will show you how to establish an online present
and creating digital and video content to reach existing and new customers.